Looking after your machine

Looking after your machine

All the different parts of your NIV kit can be simply cared for and cleaned at home using everyday cleaning products.

Keeping your NIV kit free of a build-up of dust and dirt will help it to work most effectively and reliably for you. Some parts of your machine can be cleaned every few days to avoid a build-up of dust, such as wiping down the outside of your machine and cleaning the filter. Making this maintenance part of your routine from the start helps it become easy to remember.

The step by step Guide shows you what to clean and how and the top tips section offers some advice from NIV users like you.

Wipe machine

Cleaning the machine

Like any surface, your NIV will gather dust. Particularly if you have pets or someone in the house smokes, more dust may accumulate. Wipe it over regularly with a soft damp cloth to keep dust build-up to a minimum.


Wipe machine

The filter

Your NIV machine has a filter, typically made from foam. It will pick up dirt as air is drawn into the machine and prevent you from breathing it in. Make sure to check and clean it frequently – once a week should be okay.


Filter location

Checking the filter

A build-up of dust changes the colour of the filter. You can see that it needs washing. Different machines vary in how you remove and clean the filter. Your care team will show you the best method for your machine.

Filter check

Washing the filter

Wash the foam filter under a tap with a drop of washing up liquid. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze it out. Leave it to dry, although it does not need to be completely dry to put it back in place.

Wash filter

Washing the tube

The tube should be cleaned every few days too, as condensation will dry inside it. Wash with warm soapy water, rinse well, shake and leave to dry. Again, this does not have to be completely dry to reconnect it.

Wash tube
Looking after your machine - tips from NIV users like you
When washing your tube make sure both ends are in the sink - we have had a few mini floods due to this!
Submitted by Anne & Graham
If you get a lot of build up in your tube, you can buy a long handled bottle brush, to have a very good clean inside the tube.
Submitted by Dennis & Beryl