Using a battery

Using a battery

You may be given a detachable battery unit if you start to use your NIV during the day and want to have independence to go out and about or away on holiday.

Some people find that they like to use their NIV for a few hours in the day before an activity that can tire them out – such as going for a walk or even ballroom dancing! So what do you do if you want to keep the machine with you, if you go out and about?

Most NIV machines have battery packs that can be attached, making the whole unit portable. You can charge the battery from the mains and then use the machine for a period of time. This amount of time will vary depending on the make and model, but your care team will give you a rough idea of what to expect. It is important to also think about where you can access a mains supply should you need it.

Look at our photo Step by Step Guide to using a battery and also read some Top Tips from people who use NIV.




The battery

Each make and model of machine has a slightly different type of battery. Some attach directly to the machine, like this one. Others are separate to the main machine.

Machine and Battery

Connecting the battery

Line up the battery with the machine, ready to attach it. As you bring them together, you will hear a click, letting you know it’s attached. Check that it feels secure.

Battery fitting

Powering up

Turn on your machine as normal. A battery symbol will be displayed and show how much charge is left – similar to any mobile phone. When the battery runs low, this will show on the display and an alarm will sound.


Charging up

To charge the battery, plug the machine into the mains as normal. The display will show that your battery is charging. A fully charged battery will typically last several hours, although each model varies.

Battery charging

Heading out and about

You can now use your machine wherever you like – you can take it out with you for a quick ‘top up’ during the day, or attach it to your chair.

Using a battery - tips from people using NIV like you
After a several months of use, your battery will eventually need replacing. Liaise with your specialist about when this may happen, so you can have a spare battery handy around this time.
Submitted by Alison
If you do use your NIV during the day, you can get a bag that can be attached to a scooter or chair if you have one - so it's always handy for a top-up.
Submitted by Dennis