Making NIV work for you

Making NIV work for you

NIV can really improve your quality of life – so stick with it and you will soon reap the rewards of better sleep and more energy.

Sometimes it may feel quite alien to be using a machine to support your breathing and it can seem to be a lot to learn. It is useful to focus on the benefits NIV can bring you and remember that your perseverance will pay off. You are the boss and the machine is there to serve you – you call the shots!

NIV improves the quality of your sleep so that you feel as good as possible during the day e.g. more energy, less tired, improved appetite. Try to use your NIV machine whenever you are going to sleep. Start off by aiming to do a few hours and then build up from there. If you can’t manage the whole night at first, don’t worry it becomes easier over time. Talk to your Care Centre team to see if they can help with any problems. It is ideal to aim for at least 4 hours overnight, but any amount will be beneficial.

Using an NIV machine can be a challenge, but with practice and perseverance putting it on at night becomes natural. Many users even say they find it comforting and fall asleep as soon as the machine is switched on!

Whilst we recommend using NIV when you sleep, some people also find it helpful during the day. If certain activities – such as having a shower or getting ready in the morning – make you feel breathless, using the NIV machine for 10 minutes or so afterwards may help you get your breath back more quickly. You can also use NIV before an activity, such as going for a walk or gardening. NIV can help you to carry on with normal everyday activities and reduce tiredness.

Watch our short film about how people like you have persevered with NIV for maximum benefits and read some top tips too.

Making NIV work for you - tips from NIV users like you
If you are anxious about sleeping with your NIV machine, try using it for short periods in the day, such as sat reading or watching TV. You will soon get used to it - even if you were as worried as I was to start with!
Submitted by Anne
Your Care Centre team know lots of techniques to help make NIV easier to use. Don't be shy to ask for more tips, or even have a chat just to get your concerns off your chest.
Submitted by Rachael

Making NIV work for you

Watch our short film about people’s experiences of getting to grips with NIV – and how it has
enhanced their wellbeing.