Travelling with NIV

Travelling with NIV

Holidays and travelling are definitely not a thing of the past – with a bit of planning you can still hit the road!

Because NIV gives you an energy boost – used overnight and for ‘top ups’ in the day – it makes the ideal travelling companion to make the most of your holiday.

Your NIV can be used anywhere in the world, as long as there is a source of electrical power. Many intrepid NIV users have travelled the length of the British Isles and further afield across Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East and America – as you can see here, even the Grand Canyon is still on the list! Caravan and boating trips are possible too – but you will need to find out if the mains supply is powerful enough. Small, portable, generators can come in handy here due to the potential for power cuts, as well as your own NIV battery.

If you are planning on travelling away, especially abroad, you should always make sure you have travel and health insurance, and that the insurance company are aware of your diagnosis and the fact that you use NIV. This shouldn’t stop you getting insurance but may cost more. Speak to your Care Centre or the MNDA for a list of companies who offer reasonably priced insurance.

Watch the short film and read some top tips for more info on travelling with NIV.

Grand canyon
Travelling with NIV - tips from NIV users like you
Always take an extension cable with you as hotel rooms are often poorly supplied with power points, especially by your bed.
Submitted by Doric Southgate
If heading abroad, be sure to take the right plug adaptors with you for the country you are visiting. Also, make sure you have several - for your NIV and any other devices you need to power or charge.
Submitted by Alison
If travelling abroad by air, take your NIV machine on board as additional hand luggage. Don’t let it be put in the hold as it may get lost or damaged, spoiling your trip. It is also wise to get a note from your doctor explaining what it's for - handy when going through security!
Submitted by Felicity

Travelling with NIV

This short film gives you some insights into travelling from people like you who are using NIV