Welcome to myNIV

Welcome to myNIV

Non-invasive ventilation or NIV is a simple and easy way of supporting your breathing overnight in MND. NIV can have many benefits on your daily wellbeing and these are often quite noticeable within the first few days of using.

In motor neurone disease, due to muscle weakness, you may not breathe as efficiently overnight, so you do not gain the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Some of the symptoms associated with MND – tiredness, lack of energy, headaches – are partly due to this lack of sleep. You probably will not have noticed your breathing has been affected, as you will not feel breathless during the day.

The NIV machine and mask you have been given help boost the airflow to your lungs as you sleep, helping you to sleep better. You will be able to sleep deeply again and these symptoms of tiredness are very easily reversed.

myNIV is a website that has all the practical information you need to get started successfully with NIV. It contains plenty of background information, practical how-to video and photo guides and insights from users of NIV like you.

Start off by watching our video on how NIV helps improved quality of life and meet some of the people who helped to design this website – Ann, Nigel, Beryl, Dennis, Elaine and Geoff.


Welcome to myNIV

Watch this short film about people’s experience of using NIVĀ for theĀ first time and how it has improved
their wellbeing and quality of life.